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Know your herbs: Spring Onions vs Chives

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Have you ever wondered if there was a difference between spring onions or chives?
They may taste similar but they are definitely not the same.
Spring onions are part of the onion family and have a strong robust flavour. They can be identified with their long green stalks that end in a small white onion bulb. Many of us are familiar with it and use it in our daily cooking. It is most commonly used in Asian cooking and can be cooked, or served chopped up raw as a garnish.
Chives are flowering herbs and are more commonly used as a garnish, such as on salads, sandwiches, chowders etc. They can be identified with long green stalks that resemble grass but their bulbs are almost nonexistent. Chive flowers can also be eaten and added to salads for look and taste. Chives lend a mild onion-garlicky taste to dishes and are mostly eaten raw as cooking it destroys the flavour.
We hope this article is helpful when you next come across these ingredients in your next recipe!

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