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Batang / Spanish Mackerel (500g)

Batang / Spanish Mackerel (500g)

Contrary to its namesake, the Spanish Mackerel does not come from Spain. It is a fish most commonly found in Singapore, Indonesian and Malaysian waters. Spanish Mackerel is plentiful and caught in big schools, which explains its relatively affordable pricing among fishes.

Spanish Mackerel meat is very commonly used in seafood soups. The flesh is firm and does not fall apart easily. Spanish Mackerel is a favorite among local hawkers selling seafood soup and porridge due to its texture, cheap pricing and consistent supply.

How to cook: Soup, porridge, pan fry, curry or assam. 

How to cut: Steak(Pan fry/curry/assam) or Fillet (Soup/Porridge)

- Spanish Mackerel is sold in portions of 500g.

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