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Popular Products

Minced Pork (碎肉) (300g)

Our Minced Pork is freshly minced from quality cuts of meat. Minced Pork is used in one of the dishes well loved by many - Mushroom Minced Pork Noodles.  - Minced Pork...


Chicken Thigh (鸡腿) (250g - 300g)

Our Chicken Thigh comes with bone-in, and is perfect for all ways of cooking. Chicken Thigh is high in protein, and an excellent source of iron and minerals. - Chicken...


Salmon Fillet (350g)

Salmon is the common name for several species of ray-finned fish in the family Salmonidae. Eating healthy unsaturated fats, like those found in Salmon, has been shown to improve cholesterol levels. - Salmon...


Squid / Sotong (500g)

 Famous for using it to fry Calamari, Squid is well loved by many for its chewy texture when eating.  - Squid / Sotong is sold in portions weighing approximately 500g....


Pork Soft / Soup Bone (软骨) (500g)

Best used in Pork Bone Soup.  - Pork Soft / Soup Bone is sold in portions of 500g. - Source: Indonesia


Chicken Breast (鸡胸) (300g)

Chicken Breast is a great source of lean protein and has lower fat than other parts of the chicken.   - Chicken Breast is sold in halves weighing approximately 300g. Minimum...


Baby Bok Choy (小白菜) (200g)

Pok Choy is a type of Chinese cabbage.  -Baby Pok Choy is sold by per packet weighing 200g.


Carrots (胡萝卜) (250g)

Carrots are root vegetables, usually orange in colour, and are very versatile in a number of dishes and cultural cuisines. The health benefits of Carrots include reduced cholesterol, lower risk of heart attacks, improved...


Spring Onions (葱) (100g)

Also known as scallions or green onions, Spring Onions are very young onions, harvested before the bulb has had a chance to swell. Spring Onions have a similar flavour to...


Cod (275g)

Cod is a type of saltwater fish. Cod is popular as a food with a mild flavour and a dense, flaky, white flesh.  How to cook: Steam, bake, or even...


Lotus Root (莲藕) (500g)

Lotus Root Soup - a popular dish and cooked frequently in a Chinese household. Because of its richness in Vitamin C, Lotus is able to make the skin healthy and good...


Angkoli / Sea Bream Fillet Boneless (400g)

Sea Bream are a group of compact, medium-sized fishes known as Sparidae. Sea Brim's firm white meat is similar in taste and texture to bass and is ideal for grilling, steaming,...