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Dear Customers, please note that our cut-off date for delivery before Chinese New Year is tonight. Do place your order before midnight to ensure you get a slot for tomorrow's deliveries!
Our markets will be closed from 27th January to 7th February for Chinese New Year break and we look forward to bringing more fresh food to you when we are back!


1. What are your delivery timings?

We have 4 convenient delivery timings to choose from.

Do take note that there will be no deliveries made on Mondays as our wet markets are closed on Mondays. 

2. Why do you close on Mondays?

We open only when the wet market opens! That's how fresh we are!

3. How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is fixed at a flat rate of $6. Orders above $68 enjoy free delivery on us!

4. Doesn't the wet market close at 1pm? So how do you keep my order fresh for 3-8pm deliveries? 

Yes, the wet market closes at around 1pm. 

All late afternoon orders are stored in refrigeration until it's ready for delivery. This is to ensure your products are kept as fresh as possible until it reaches you.  

5. Will my order be kept fresh during delivery? 

All orders will delivered within a time limit of 3 hours and the order will be packed with sufficient ice packs to keep your groceries cool and fresh. 

6. What happens if I am not home to collect my order? 

We advice strongly against this. If there is no one to receive your order upon delivery, your order will be returned to us. We will redistribute your order as we deem fit. You may or may not receive a refund in part. 

Please be available, or have someone available, to receive your order. 

Any personal arrangements (e.g. leaving package with security or concierge, placing parcel in cupboard or behind gate) with your delivery personnel will not be allowed as there will be no way to determine if your items will be kept fresh. 

7. Something doesn't look right with my order. What should I do?

We make every effort to ensure your order is prepared and packed correctly. However in the unlikeliest of events, a mistake has been made, do contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order. We will endeavour to make all necessary arrangements to rectify the mistake made. Contact us at or use our contact page