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Popular Products

Lean Beef / Flank (300g)

A great cut for stir-frying, Lean Beef / Flank is high in protein, minerals and iron. Best sliced across grain to maximise tenderness.  - Lean Beef / Flank is sold in portions of...


Ribeye (250g)

Ribeye is both flavourful and tender. The marbling of fat makes this cut excellent for steak, grilling or roasting. Ribeye is a good source of Vitamin B, iron and minerals....


Pork Leg Muscle (500g)

- Pork Leg Muscle is sold in portions of 500g. - Source: Indonesia * Let us know how you would like us to prepare your pork in the options below! 


Sirloin (250g)

Sirloin is a very popular cut of beef for cooking or grilling steak. Sirloin is great for barbeques as well. Sirloin is a good source of protein, iron, Vitamin Bs and...


Beef Tenderloin (250g)

Sometimes known as the eye fillet, the Tenderloin is the most tender part of the beef, making it an excellent choice for roasts or steak. Beef Tenderloin is a good source...


Beef Chuck / Shoulder (300g)

Beef Chuck or Shoulder is rich in flavour due to its good balance of both meat and fat. Good for stewing, slow cooking, braising and pot roasts. A good source...