MarketFresh Rewards Program

Did you know that if you have an account with us, you are already in the MarketFresh Rewards Program?

Here are some ways to earn points!

  1. For every dollar spent with us, you will get 1 point.
  2. Refer your friends to MarketFresh
  3. Follow us on social media

And once you start earning your points, you can go start claiming your discount codes!

Below are steps to claim:

  1. On the lower left side of your screen, there is a MarketFresh Rewards Tab.
  2. Click on tap on the tab 

  1. A popup will appear asking you to either sign up or login if you are already with us
  2. Depending on whether you are signing up or login in
    1. Upon signing up for a new account, you will be awarded 200 points (enough to redeem a $5 voucher).
    2. Login in will show you how much points you have and if you have any discount codes that are active.
  3. In this Popup, you can choose to claim your discount codes when you have enough points to do so.
  4. Upon successful redemption, you will have a code on the screen and a copy of the code sent to your registered email address.


There is not expiry for points as of now, so start redeeming and start shopping for fresh groceries!

Happy Shopping!