MarketFresh Recipe: Peanut Ice Cream Popiah

Good for 2-3pax

Fresh Popiah Skin (can substitute with Ready To East Egg Crepe Skin)
Ice cream (preferably yam or coconut but if are unable to find these 2 flavours, just use any of your choice)
Candid Peanut / Peanut Shavings
Coriander Leaf
1. Wash coriander leaf and damp dry with kitchen towel. Set aside.

2. Lay fresh popiah skin on a plate, grate generously candid peanut on popiah skin.
3. Scoop 2 scoop of ice cream on the popiah skin, top with some coriander leaf.
4. Wrap it up just like how you wrap a spring roll. Serve immediately. 
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