Sarawak Laksa

Good for 3-4 pax 

1 Pack Sarawak Laksa Paste
100-120ml Kara Coconut Milk (Light)
1 Liter Chicken Stock + 250Ml Water
250g Bee Hoon, Soak in tap water
2 Chicken Drumstick, deboned
2 Eggs
300g Prawns 
50g Dried Prawns
150 Bean sprout
6 Calamansi
1 Stalk Chinese Parsley, chopped coarsely

1. Shell prawns and keep the head and shells aside for the broth.
2. Heat oil, fry dried prawns for about 1-2 mins until fragrant, add in the prawn head and shells and stir fry for about 3mins. 
3. Boil chicken stock add in the fried dried prawns, prawns shell, Sarawak Laksa Paste, chicken thigh. Let it boil for about 15-20mins or until chicken thigh is cooked.
4. Prepare another pot of water to cook Bee Hoon, add in the soaked Bee Hoon and cooked until soft about 3mins. Remove and drain off water, using the same pout of water cook bean sprout for 10 secs, remove and run under running tap water, drain and set aside.
5. Beat 2 egg and fry into omelette. Remove and cut into strips.
6. Using a strainer spoon ladle cook prawns inside soup broth in 2 batches with each batch about 1-2 mins. Set aside.
7. Check if chicken thigh is cooked, removed from broth and set aside till cool. Shred into small pieces and set aside.
8. Remove prawn shell and head. The broth is now ready.
9. Assemble cooked bee hoon into a bowl and garnish with some prawns, shredded chicken, beansprouts, omelette and garnish with some parsley and cut calamansi at the side.
<p style='margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:0cm;margin-left:0cm;line-height:normal;font-size:15px;font-family:"Corbel",sans-serif;'><strong><span style="color:black;">Ingredients For 1 (Luncheon Meat Gimbak)</span></strong></p>
<p style='margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:0cm;margin-left:0cm;line-height:normal;font-size:15px;font-family:"Corbel",sans-serif;'>&frac14; cup cooked rice (prefer short grain rice)</p>
<p style='margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:0cm;margin-left:0cm;line-height:normal;font-size:15px;font-family:"Corbel",sans-serif;'>1 Seaweed / Nori sheet</p>
<p style='margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:0cm;margin-left:0cm;line-height:normal;font-size:15px;font-family:"Corbel",sans-serif;'>1 Lettuce Leaf</p>
<p style='margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:0cm;margin-left:0cm;line-height:normal;font-size:15px;font-family:"Corbel",sans-serif;'>1 egg (fried into omelette)</p>
<p style='margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:0cm;margin-left:0cm;line-height:normal;font-size:15px;font-family:"Corbel",sans-serif;'>2 Slices of Spam (any meat such as stir-fried beef/pork shabu / processed meat)</p>
<p style='margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:0cm;margin-left:0cm;line-height:normal;font-size:15px;font-family:"Corbel",sans-serif;'>1 Tbsp Kimchi</p>
<p style='margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:0cm;margin-left:0cm;line-height:normal;font-size:15px;font-family:"Corbel",sans-serif;'>&nbsp;</p>