Chinese Pomfret Fish Steamboat
Good For 4-5 Pax


800g-1kg Chinese Pomfret Fillet, Sliced

Fish Bones from the pomfret

1.5 Tomato Wedges

2 Salted Plum

3 Slices Ginger

2 Tbsp Sole Fish Powder(Ti Por)

1L Chicken Stock + 1 Cup Water

1 Box Soft Tofu, cut into large cube

1 bowl of Fried Taro cube

½ White Cabbage (Nape Cabbage)


Fish Sauce


  1. Fillet fish and keep the bones aside for the soup. Slice into 1cm thick diagonally.


  1. Boil chicken stock + water with fish bones for about 30mins with stem of napa cabbage and ginger.


  1. Marinate fish with a pinch of salt and 1.5 tsp of fish sauce. Set aside


  1. When the broth boil, add in the Ti Por powder and all the ingredient except fried taro.


  1. Boil for another 3-5 mins until the pomfret slices are cooked. Remove from heat and add in the fried taro. Serve with sambal chili and warm rice.



Fish steamboatPomfretSteamboat