Nam Yee Fried Pork Belly (Fermented Beancurd Fried Pork Belly)
Good for 4-5  pax


600g Pork Belly

1.5-2 Pcs Fermented Beancurd (Nam Yee)

½ Tsp Five Spice Powder

1 Tbsp Sugar

1.5 Tsp Sesame Oil

1.5 Tsp Dark Soya Sauce

2 Tsp Cooking Wine

1 Egg

3 Cloves Chopped Garlic


Dry Batter

4 Tbsp Plain Flour

2 Tbsp Corn Flour

2 Tbsp Rice Flour



  1. Remove skin from pork belly.
  2. Marinate pork belly with all the ingredients except the dry batter overnight or at least 4 hours
  3. Mix all the flour in a large plate or bowl. Coat each pcs of pork belly evenly.
  4. Rest pork belly for 20-30min before deep frying.
  5. Heat oil and deep fried un pork belly is cooked or about 3-4mins on each side.
  6. Rest cooked pork belly for about 10mins before slicing them in bit size.



FriedPork belly