Garlic Butter With Mash

Good For 3 Pax


3 Portion of Salmon Fillet

45g Salted Butter

3 Cloves Garlic, Minced

Wedge of Lemon or Lime Juice



Olive Oil

Spinach (Optional)


500g White Potatoes

100g Cold Salted Butter (could use 20-30g more for more flavour)

100g Fresh Milk (could use more if mash is too dry)

Season with salt according to taste.


  1. Pat fish with paper towel to remove water. Season salmon with salt and pepper for about 30mins.
  1. Heat olive oil and sear fish for 3mins.
  1. Flip to the other side for another 1 min. Add butter to pan and wait till foaming, add in minced garlic.
  1. Start basting with melted butter over the fish for 1min. Remove from pan and set aside.
  1. Add some lemon or lime juice into the pan of garlic butter and mix well. Set aside.

Creamy Mash

  1. Boil potato until soft for about 45mins-1hr.
  1. Drain away the water and peel off the skin. Using a potato masher, mash the potato.
  1. Transfer the mash potato on a frying pan. On low heat, add in milk and butter bit by bit to mix well.
  1. Stir to mix well and once mixture become soft, fluffy, creamy, the mash is ready to serve.
  1. Option to garnish with some chopped parsley and drizzle with some left over garlic butter from frying the fish.


Serve salmon on mash with some spinach salad drizzle with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


  1. Amount of butter depends on how wet or dry your potato is after mashing up. More can be added as long as you add in bit by bit.
  1. Do not use a blender to mash your potato as it will activate the starch and make it gluey and rubbery.
  1. Left over sauce from basting the fish can be use to make mash more flavorful or to make garlic toast.