Lime & Garlic Steamed Red Grouper

Good for 4 pax


1 Fresh Red Grouper or any other white fish
2 Stalk of Lemongrass
Some Sea salt

Spicy Lim & Garlic Sauce

3 Chilli Padi
2 Parsley Roots
4 Cloves Of Garlic
½ Tsp Sea Salt
3 Tbsp Fish Sauce
1 Tsp Sugar
¼ Cup Chicken / Fish Stock
3 Tbsp Lime Juice



Slice Lime
Chinese Parsley


  1. Clean and gutted fish. You can get your fish monger to clean it for you. Sprinkle some sea salt. Using the back of the knife smash the lemongrass. Lay in on the bottom of the plate and put your fish over it.
  1. Steam fish for 5mins over high heat.
  1. Using the pestel and motar smash up the chilli, parsley roots and garlic. If you do not have a pestal and motar, you can chopped them up roughly. Transfer to a bowl
  1. In the bowl, mix in the sea salt, fish sauce, sugar, stock and mix well.


  1. When the fish is cooked for 5mins, pour the sauce over the fish and continue steaming for another 5-6 mins until fish is cooked.
  1. When fish is cooked, squeeze some lime juice and garnish with Chinese parsley and slice lime. Serve hot.


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