MarketFresh Recipe: Thai Seafood Salad


1 Medium Squid, cleaned

8 Medium Prawns, cleaned, remove shell

10-12 pcs of Far West Frozen Scallop

1/2 Brown Onion, thinnly sliced

1 Tomato, cut into wedges (Prefer to use Beef Tomato)

2 Stalks of Spring Onion, cut into 2cm

2 Stalks of Chinese Parsley, keep the leaves

2 Chilli Padi

3 Tsp Homemade Thai Chilli Sauce



3 Tbsp Fish Sauce

Juice from 2 Green Lime

Juice from 6 Calamansi

1 Tsp Sugar




1. Blanched squid, prawns and scallop in boiling water for 1min. This is a quick process to prevent the squid from overcooking and turning rubbery. Remove squid first followed by scallop and prawns. Set aside to cool.

NOTE: Water must be super boiling before adding in the seafood. 


2. In a bowl, mix the juice from green lime and calamansi with sugar.


3. Toss the lime juice mixture with tomato and onion. Add in the seafood and the fish sauce to toss together with homemade thai chilli. 


4. Add in the spring onion, parsley and chilli padi last and mix well.


5. Taste before serving and adjust sourness according to taste. Serve on a bed of lettuce.