Vietnamese Turmeric Fish With Dill (Cha Ca)

Good for 3 Pax


150g Vermicelli, Cover and soak with hot water for 30mins

500g White Fish / Sea Bass, remove skin and cut into 2cm thick

4 Tbsp Oil

3 Stalks of Spring Onion, Cut into 5cm length

3 Stalks Dill, Remove Thick Stem

Serve with Lime Wedges


3 Clove Garlic, Minced

2 Stalk Spring Onion, Minced

2 Tbsp Dill, Minced

1 Tbsp Turmeric Powder

1 Tsp Sugar

3 Tbsp Fish Sauce

2 Tbsp Oil

Sauce (Dressing)

3 Tbsp Sugar

3 Tbsp Fish Sauce

2 Tbsp White Vinegar

2 Clove Garlic, Chopped

1 Chilli, remove seeds and chopped

3 Wedge of Lime Juice


  1. Marinate fish with all the marinate sauce for at least 1hr or overnight.
  1. Prepare sauce in a bowl, set aside
  1. Heat oil and pan fry fish till golden brown and cooked. About 2-3 mins on each side.
  1. Add in the cut spring onion and dill and mix well with the cooked fish.
  1. Serve tableside. In a bowl put in some vermicelli, cooked fish, spring onion, dill and drizzle with some sauce that was prepare earlier.


  1. For the white part of the spring onion, slice them into half before cooking it together with the fish are they are usually thicker than the leaves. By cutting it also allow the flavour to immerse into the fish making it more tasty.
  1. If you are intending to marinate the fish overnight, reduce the amount of fish sauce by ½ Tbsp (use only 2.5tbsp instead of 3Tbsp) as it tends to get a little on the salty side for overnight marinade.